Staredil general contractor services

Who We Are

Staredil is a key partner of many Italian and foreign clients. We make the difference in the organization and management of its real estate assets, dedicating ourselves to renovation, maintenance, and over time conservation with care and passion.

After decades of trusted activity, we have developed a winning business model. We offer our services regarding general construction in the open market and building renovation, then we play a strong role in the entire hospitality industry.

Over time, we have successfully acquired high-level human resources, based on them we have built our values.

We have never stopped updating ourselves by supporting our professionals, who have proven experience and a broad range of skills, giving them new resources. 

Paolo Miseria

Chairman and CEO

Paolo Miseria has always worked alongside Starhotels. Then he founded Staredil and became its Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer.

Paolo Miseria has as many as thirty years of experience in the building industry: in 1990, he founded and managed COARCO, a building company specialized in construction and renovation. This company offered services related to residential, private, and commercial building constructions, even working with properties subject to restrictions.

He later became a founding partner and director of MIPE, a construction company with SOA and ISO qualifications. MIPE realized different construction activities (OG1) with a special focus on the renovations of historical buildings and properties subject to restrictions (OG2).

Now at Staredil, Paolo Miseria takes care of the general management, meticulously regulating all the company functions. He’s in charge of planning the company activities, and the construction sites progress. He supervises the company operations and checks its quality. He is also responsible for economic and financial management as well as managing large clients.

Elia Boschi

Chief Operating Officer

Elia Boschi holds the position of Director of Operations.

Elia Boschi cooperated with the founding partners actively contributing to the creation of Staredil. His current role at Staredil is focused on the operational coordination of the business activities, proficiently handled using the extensive experience and know-how he gained managing budgets, orders (tenders, negotiations, procurement) and contracts in his past positions.
He coordinates Business Analysis activities and deals with the optimization and implementation of processes and procedures.

He takes care of the commercial and strategic development activities and coordinates marketing and communication activities.
As concerns HR, he cooperates in personnel selection and assists with management. He also carries out organizational activities in the field of company safety.

In his previous position, that of Purchasing & Procurement, Budgeting & Contracting Manager of the famous hotel chain Starhotels which he held for almost 20 years, he was in charge of the company’s real estate assets’ development, preservation and maintenance, as well as of the management of investment orders.

At Starhotels Elia Boschi was also Head of the Technical Area. He was in charge of identifying investments, defining budgets and schedules, organizing activities and internal and external resources necessary for the initiatives. He performed operational and economic supervision of job orders and construction sites.

Andrea Serrazanetti

Technical department – Manager

Andrea Serrazanetti is the Technical Manager at Staredil.

Andrea has always worked alongside Paolo Miseria for the construction company MIPE. He was a surveyor, first of all, taking care of the paperworks related to the construction process. Then he became a Technical Manager.
He is in charge of the entire job order, from the analysis of the requests, to the drafting and verification of the bids. From the organization of all the activities on site, to the verification and approval of the works, and the general technical supervision. 

He plays a role in defining the technical details of the contract, participating in the identification of the companies to be involved. He also analyzes the economic bids, evaluates the suppliers, and organizes the work.

Andrea directs Project Management, and verifies the progress of the project, planning and compliance. He draws up and verifies the accounts, and also checks and validates the credit or debit balance.

Francesco Bartolini

Project manager

Eleonora Bovani

Eleonora Bovani

Technical department – Assistant to the director

Giulia Baccelli

Sales department – Assistant to the sales and operations director

Gabriele Dini

Gabriele Dini

Purchase department – Buyer 

Marisa Santoni

Purchase department – Purchasing assistant

Barbara Fiaschi

Purchase department – Purchasing assistant

Barbara Servi

Accounting department – Manager

Marzia Randazzo

Marzia Randazzo

Accounting department – Assistant

Mirko Vignali

Mirko Vignali

Technical department – Construction site manager

Costel Panti

Technical department – Construction site manager

Nicola Cappellini

Technical department – Construction site manager

Paolo Modigliani Staredil

Paolo Modigliani

Technical department – Construction site manager