The Company

Staredil is a general building contractor that knows the importance of reputation in the construction industry. We have established our brand thanks to three key elements: extensive knowledge of the hotel business, many years of experience in the field – that means having an exact know-how of the construction industry trends, and the expertise and professionalism of its managers and team.

History and Experience as General Building Contractor

Staredil can pride itself on a vertical area of expertise. The experience of its managers who have been on the market for 50 years can demonstrate it. Experience and professionalism have allowed Staredil to build, over time, strong ties throughout Italy. The company operates nationwide in Italy, as well as abroad. Where necessary, it is able to provide support to the client with specialists who are well acquainted with national/local situations and requirements. Staredil also has in-depth knowledge of the client’s needs and makes use of in-house expertise that is not limited to the construction industry.

We value the furniture choice, putting a deep focus on the details. We take care of the material selection, as these activities have contributed to defining our trusted profile over the years. Our history as general building contractor and the long-standing partnership with the prestigious Starhotels hotel chain are our hallmarks. As well as the diversification of the areas in which we operate and the economic and financial stability we can count on. Staredil is not only a solid company that a client can trust. It is also a company that can take care of the barters and the construction management process on its own.

Expertise and Competitiveness: Back of House and Front of House

Staredil can develop estimates in a really short time. Our background and expertise enable us to deliver even the most complex evaluation in a timely manner. Thanks to our excellent management skills and market knowledge, we can provide all the services that a customer needs. Our prices are competitive and our timings comply with the agreed delivery contracts.

We always want to have a 360-degree view of the project. Given our professionalism in construction management, this also enables the company to manage a project comprehensively, wisely allocating resources to meet the needs of the client.

Staredil’s Values: Respect for the Building and Professionalism

Staredil’s assets are our human resources, partners, and suppliers. Valuable persons working inside our team stand at the very foundation of our work. Then our success is strictly linked to the long-term relationships we build with contractors. Ethics and professionalism towards subcontractors, clients, and employees are the distinctive features that make the company successful. Results are what speak for us. We are on the market to understand the business needs of complex organizations such as hotels. For this reason, we can work operationally without compromising the opening. We work 365 days a year, we are not limited by any seasonal factors. Once the project is completed and delivered, Staredil can also take care of its maintenance over time. That is what we call respect for the building, even after its completion.