General Contracting

Staredil is an Italian general contractor offering integrated services in the construction industry. This company relies on a wide experience and a well-structured working method. A background that makes it an ideal partner to work with. In addition, it offers values worth while approaching the complex construction and renovation supply chains. 

From a contractual point of view, Staredil offers a single contact for the end-client. We take charge of all the operations, from the initial planning through the execution. Our method relies on analysis, design, implementation, maintenance, improvement and conservation over time.

Thanks to many years of experience in general contracting, we have enhanced relationships with valued partners. Inside our network, clients and subcontractors recognize our professionalism and ethical conduct. Reliability and qualified expertise, this is what stands out in the construction industry. New buildings, renovations, installations, finishes and furnishings. As general contractors, we provide all the services required for the correct execution of a project. 

We are the ideal interlocutor in every phase of a construction project. From design to implementation, we assume direct responsibility and manage each job order. Our aim is to monitor and control the budget and time schedule. As well as identifying and managing the necessary administrative and bureaucratic procedures.


The design phase starts with a proper analysis of the client’s needs

This facilitates the creation of solid foundations for the next technical phase.

Understanding and professionalism are the key factors of our across-the-board expertise. Besides our team, we have individuals listening to the client’s demands and desires. Our starting point is the understatement of all the way through, from the very beginning to the end. This enables Staredil to help the client choosing the most appropriate solutions. 

After the initial alignment, we proceed to the integrated design phase. We create the project evaluating all the specialties needed for building, plant and facility engineering, refurbishing, and interior designing .

During this phase, analyses are also carried out on special permits, timing estimates, the drawing up of the preliminary time schedule, and the project computation.

Construction / Restoration

When the stakeholders confirm the time schedule and the details of each single execution phase, the work starts. First of all, we carefully select the specialists who will commit to the project. Then we choose the companies that will carry out specific fulfillments.

We point our focus to the orders and logistics management so that supplies are on the site as it develops, facilitating its execution. Following this, we proceed with the general job order management. Staredil project management aims at supervising each and every aspect of the work execution. With special attention paid to the correct resources, timings, and cost management.

The foreman is here to carry out to perfection individual activities. His careful supervision ensures the high quality of the activities: structural operations, construction works, prefab buildings, dry systems, electrical and special plant engineering, mechanical works (water and sanitation, air conditioning), fire prevention systems, external and internal fixtures, finishes and decorative works, floor and wall coverings, furnishings, equipment, and fittings.

We check constantly on-site each activity executed, verifying with the time-schedule, and through progress reports.
Finally, we proceed to the general work inspection, collecting and delivering the specific documentation required.

Plants and Fittings

Thanks to the experience gained over the years, Staredil is able to provide a complete setup service. We guarantee not only the structural components of a building but also configuration and calibration

In addition, Staredil operates in the plant engineering field, running different projects, such as industrial kitchens, air handling units, or home automation systems. Our aim is to identify and/or suggest the best solutions, execution, and setup methods. We do that by supporting the client with the design and functional configuration of their new areas.

We are experts in creating the so-called B.O.H. – Back of the House document. The BOH contains the layout study, showing how spaces are set up, as well as the systems and the tools chosen for the service. This document is important because it goes into the hands of the end-client. For example, when we operate in the hotel construction field, the BOH includes receptions, laundries, and the additional services areas linked to the hotel. When we deal with a residential building, things are a bit different.

Interior design

Staredil approaches interior design complexity with a built-in logic. We do that by creating spaces that stress the very definition of usability while being aesthetically pleasing.

We specialize in many areas, including furniture, upholstery, accessories, and all kinds of comforts. Our efforts comprehend the research, selection, and supply of materials. We need the best glass, steel, plastic, vinyl, and wall coverings (paper, sheeting, etc.) to create comfortable environments.

We also have deep connections in the lighting industry. Besides the traditional lighting and lamps furnishing, we have a specific technical approach. When creating multi-level indoor and outdoor settings and environments, we use Tech – meaning innovative methods and materials.

Staredil’s name is first of all associated with the hotel business. In this field, we can provide a broad expanse of expertise. Each hotel has its own history and approach – our primary job is to understand and interpret these details. This allows us to design every style to perfection, from the classic ones through the most contemporary trendy styles.

Speaking about Staredil, clients highlight the ability to find the right balance between style and trend. If a trend reflects the typical fashion of a specific historical moment or a geographical place, the more classic stylistic canons are timeless. Such an approach means that long-lasting and durable settings can be created. Settings that are someway classic but also have technological and innovative pieces.

Property management

Staredil’s approach focuses on a property as a whole, including the building, installations, furnishings, and fittings. That is why we pay particular attention to maintenance works, preserving the global integrity of the property. Checking and inspecting on a cyclical basis, all the relevant aspects of a property are less likely to be subject to deterioration and malfunctioning. Furthermore, when a plant is constantly maintained, we can reduce consumption.

Thanks to prior knowledge, resulting from the design and execution phases, it is also possible to foresee scheduled maintenance. Facility management, along with services and supplies, is the strategic factor to reduce failure risks, and improve performance and reliability.

Staredil is able to guarantee a scheduled maintenance service based on predictive data. We do that by assessing the need for intervention before a malfunction occurs, even in complex environments. That is really important when we operate inside large building sites where infrastructure and machinery coexist.

Real estate

Staredil also operates in the real estate market. We are an independent player making direct real estate investment, being the ideal partner for those who need to manage their goods. We manage properties that are going to be sold or properties rented for profit.

Starting from informational and operational assets, Staredil carries out acquisition operations, aimed at conversion and/or renovation. Subsequently, we take care of the capitalization through the selling or renting of a property.

Real estate investing also means a partnership agreement with the potential client. Staredil can directly bear the conversion or renovation costs. We act this way when we have in return the possibility to make money from the property through the signing of a lease contract.