Our History

Staredil has a multi-year experience.

The founding members of Staredil have been operating since the 1970s in the general construction industry both for public and private clients. They have carried out important results in the urban planning and building & construction fields in Florence, Italy, and overseas.

Over the years, Staredil has enlarged its business, including the hotel services to consolidate its technical expertise and its know-how in the specific and complex area of ​​the hotel industry.

Staredil is a key partner of many Italian and foreign clients. We make the difference in the organization and management of their real estate assets, dedicating ourselves to renovation, maintenance, and over time conservation with care and passion.

After decades of trusted activity, we have developed a winning business model. We offer our services regarding general construction in the open market, then we play a strong role in the entire hospitality sector.

Over the years, we have expanded our portfolio, including hotel, urban, civil, industrial, and commercial sectors. Our strength relies on the synergy between the needs and peculiarities of the client and the skills that a general construction company must have.

We are a general contractor, offering services in the business. We entirely manage projects, from conception to execution. We carefully select the best companies for the individual operational areas, managing and supervising the entire workflow.