Villa, Private Client

Design and renovation of a villa on Palm Jumeirah – Dubai.

Villa privata a Dubai: piantina
  • Location: Dubai
  • Client: Privato
  • Period of completione: 12 months
  • Square meters: 600m2
  • Sector: Residential

The renovation of a villa located on the palm of Dubai has allowed for reconstruction of both indoor and outdoor spaces. The renewal of the original structure of the building has been completed.
The main purpose of intervention on the outside of the building originated from the enlargement of the existing openings, through the construction of large glass walls, sliding and fixed lines which have the main objective of increasing the internal brightness of the house and at the same time to make the outdoor spaces more visible from the various rooms of the house.
The intervention has increased the internal brightness of the house and made the outdoor spaces more visible from the various rooms. The construction of large glass walls, the enlargement of existing openings and the addition of sliding lines have all contributed to this.
The facades have been considerably simplified and lightened and the decorative elements have been focused on stone/marble insertions aimed at emphasizing the most important architectural parts such as the entrance, the main windows and the bay window on the back. Even the balconies have been lightened with the addition of transparent glass balustrades instead of the current iron ones.

Main intervations

  • Design of external spaces and facades
  • Design of glass wall for entrance and extension of all windows and facade refurbishment
  • Modification of the access stairway to the upper floor
  • Redistribution of spaces and creation from scratch of new rooms and bathrooms
  • Creation of new connecting passages between interior spaces
  • The new distribution of the kitchen
  • Arrangement of the greenery with the creation of a front garden with fountains and water games
  • Development of the swimming pool in the back of the villa with access to the beach
  • Creation of outdoor living space/spacious gazebo area

The design on the ground floor has allowed for a large glass wall entrance to make the foyer brighter. The visual space connecting the entrance and living area has been modified. The access stairway to the upper floor and the glass steps has contributed towards this.
Large passages of connection to the kitchen and living area were made from the foyer with the addition of sliding glass doors and windows and a new distribution of the kitchen with the creation of a central peninsula, a large cooking area and counter with the extension of existing windows.

Extended passages between the kitchen and the living area were made from the foyer. The addition of sliding glass doors, windows, a large cooking area, counter and the new distribution of the kitchen area has made this possible. A central peninsula has been created.
A guest room has been set up with the creation of a private bathroom whose access is from the room through an area dedicated to the wardrobe.
A new internal distribution of the communal bathroom was also planned with separation between the washbasin area and toilet area through the inclusion of a glass wall that distributes more evenly the natural light coming from the window.
The communal bathroom was planned with the separation between the washbasin area and the toilet area. The inclusion of a glass wall was added that distributes the natural light from the window more evenly.

The laundry space and the ensuite room for the service staff have been redesigned.
On the second floor, the master bedroom has been repositioned with the creation of a large entrance area which has access to the bedroom and walk-in closet.
The master bathroom with direct access from the room is divided into three adjoining areas (washbasin, jacuzzi, toilet and shower) and is characterized by the presence of a glass wall located above the bath which aims to let natural light penetrate from the wardrobe.
The other rooms have also been redesigned and equipped with large dedicated bathrooms.
The bathrooms are all in precious marble as well as the sanitary ware, the supplies narrate and represent the most valuable products and the tradition of made in Italy.

In the outdoor spaces, the completion of a garden has been planned in front of the main entrance. This will include a stone pool, hedges, plants and flower pots along the entrance path. A stone pot will be seen under the large window of the guest room.
At the back of the villa the swimming pool has been expanded to consist of an opening low access area for relaxation in the water and a semi perimeter seat that can be equipped with some points of hydromassage jets. It has been designed as a single access to the beach by the stairway on one side and the creation of a green area for sunbeds on the opposite side.

The creation of a staircase has been planned. It will extend along the rear elevation and throughout the area to create a single floor in continuance with the interior of the house. A large outdoor living area under a shaded wooden canopy will also be built.