Hotel Helvetia & Bristol, Starhotels

A complete redevelopment of the hotel structure located in the historic centre including structural interventions: restyling of rooms, renovation of common areas and bathrooms, facades and roofing.

  • Location: Florence
  • Client: Starhotels HELVETIA & BRISTOL
  • Type/Classification/Category: 5 star hotel
  • Period of completion: 3 months
  • Square meters: about 4,000m2
  • Sector: Hospitality
Starhotels Helvetia & Bristol in Florence: Room Interior details

A complete redevelopment of the hotel called Starhotels Helvetia & Bristol, located in the historical centre of Florence (between via Tornabuoni and Piazza della Repubblica). The hotel, of about 4,000 square meters, occupies most of the portion of the block facing Piazza Strozzi.

The intervention carried out on the building bound by the Authority of Cultural and Architectural Heritage, had as its objective to adapt the hotel to modern standards, while preserving its original aesthetic and stylistic features. In addition to the restoration and replacement of architectural elements, finishes and furnishings that characterize the building (carpeting, wood flooring, wallpaper, fabric wall coverings, marble, stone, plaster, stucco) we have updated, replaced and implemented the technical equipment, systems and technology in order to satisfy the customer in terms of service, functionality, handling and comfort.

Starhotels Helvetia & Bristol in Florence: Outdoor dining tables
Starhotels Helvetia & Bristol in Florence: Dehors details
Starhotels Helvetia & Bristol in Florence: Restaurant

Main intervensions

  • Restructuring, waterproofing and insulation of the roofing
  • Renovation of the facades (plastering, architectural elements and painting)
  • Demolitions and structural works
  • Reconstructions, building and plasterboard works
  • Finishing works with fine materials (marble, wood flooring and carpet)
  • Wall covering (plaster, stucco, fabrics and wallpaper)
  • Painting and surface treatment
  • Conservative restoration and protective treatment of existing historical elements (stone, marble and tiles)

The logistics, the loading and unloading spaces, the provision of supplies and the implementation of some of them (for example the replacement of the plant engineering units on the roof) have entailed meticulous planning of activities. Night-time shooting operations were carried out using suitable vehicles and exceptional transport, coordinated alongside the public administration, the police forces and the fire brigade command.

The guaranteed delivery date was an essential element for the implementation and completion of the works. The scope of work, which at first involved the implementation of works only on the rooms, has in fact been greatly expanded, involving the renovation of the roof (reworking of the roof covering, waterproofing, thermal insulation, cornices, tinsmith and drainpipes), of the facades (plaster, conservative restoration of the many architectural elements to be preserved according to the mandates and the direction of the Authority) and fixtures. The common areas on the ground floor, the winter garden and the back of the house (bathrooms, warehouses, dressing rooms, laundry room, kitchen, bar and technical rooms etc.) have also been renovated with interesting and complex works of structural demolition and reconstruction (such as the creation for example of the space called “dining room” and the winter garden).

The hotel remained closed for three months in order to carry out the necessary interventions in the rooms. During this period of closure, all the interventions in the common areas were also carried out. These interventions were organized by area in accordance with specific time schedules. The overlapping of work was managed by tripling work shifts in each area with the objective of completing the hotel within the established deadline. This was to allow for the reopening to the public on the promised date as advertised by Starhotels.