Hotel Brunelleschi

Hotel Brunelleschi a Firenze: vista dall'esterno

Complete restoration of the common areas, hall, conference rooms, bathrooms, facades with the compliance of structures, carpentry works and installation of new elevators.

  • Location: Florence
  • Client: Hotel Brunelleschi
  • Period of completion: 3 months
  • Square meters: 1.000m2
  • Sector: Hospitality

The renovation completed at the Hotel Brunelleschi, in the heart of Florence, involved various settings. The works were carried out to renovate the hotel making it even more welcoming and comfortable while respecting the historical importance of the building and enhancing the ancient and captivating structure.

Hotel Brunelleschi a Firenze: Hall
Hotel Brunelleschi a Firenze : Ristorante all'aperto

Main interventions

  • Structural consolidation works, encircling and openings.
  • Elevators replacement
  • Renovation of the congress hall, lobby, bar and common areas.
  • Renovation of the two-level suite in the Pagliazza tower
  • Construction of new toilets in common areas

The Tower of Pagliazza, which has become the symbol of the hotel and dates back to medieval times, is in fact a unique construction in the state capital of Tuscany and is one of the oldest buildings in the city walls.
The works on the structure located in a strategic location near Piazza Duomo have also brought to light numerous archaeological finds discovered in the excavations of the basement characteristic of Roman times.

The renovation work was therefore coordinated not only with the normal hotel activities but also alongside the supervision of the Archaeological Authority for the delicate work of excavation on buildings of such historical importance.
The renovation of the hall and reception, the breakfast room, the meeting rooms and the elevators were completed on time paying great attention to construction techniques and choice of materials.
The atmosphere and allure of the Hotel Brunelleschi are the results of a combination of fine finishes, elegant accessories and the ancient tone of the building, capable not only of preserving the signs of past eras but also bringing them to life in the contemporary world.
The renovation works were aimed at adapting both the facade and the system engineering parts to the latest technological standards and the norms of energy sustainability, giving new life to one of the symbols of Florentine history.
The past and modern periods at Hotel Brunelleschi find a common centre.