Cottage privati in Normandia: vista dall'esterno

Cottage secolo XVI-XVII, Private Client

Complete restoration of two Norman cottages.

  • Location: Normandy
  • Client: Private
  • Period of completion: 12 months
  • Square meters: 200m2 indoor – 10.000m2 outdoor land
  • Sector: Residential

The renovation of two cottages in Normandy dating back to the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries has allowed for a careful labour of modernization. The restyling and expansion of the buildings have been undertaken in adherence with the historical importance of the original structure.

Cottage privati in Normandia: dettagli interni

Main interventions

  • Extension from scratch
  • Roof renovation
  • Renovation of the main facade
  • Consolidation and rebuilding of internal floors
  • New electrical, mechanical and hydraulic technological systems
  • Demolition, reconstruction and distribution of interior spaces
  • Finishing, flooring and painting.
  • Soundproof wooden frames.

Externally all parts of the timber frames of the trellis of the historical structure have been restored and kept in view, preserving its charm and authenticity.
The extension includes the assembly of new parts from scratch. The elevation of the structure using the same construction techniques as before have been used while respecting the historical and architectural duties.
Inside the works of modernization have provided a restyling of the spaces, taking into account all the comforts, functionality and modern standards.
The choice of materials, from the wood flooring to the brick fireplaces, to the terracotta tiles, has revisited with style and elegance the historical cottages, respecting and maintaining their identity but at the same time giving new life and preservation in time.