Residential units, Private Client

Acquisition, transformation and complete renovation of the building for the creation of 25 apartments designated as high-end residential units.

  • Location: Prague, Vlesicku
  • Client: Private
  • Period of completion: 18 months
  • Square meters: 1.200m2
  • Sector: Residential
Appartamenti residenziali a Praga: vista palazzo dall'esterno

The work involved the complete renovation of a prestigious building located in the residential district of Vlesíčku in Prague.
The renovation of the facade was forecast with great attention to the recovery and renovation of the fundamental elements and the existing valuable finishes, the consolidation of foundations and the renovation of flooring and roofing. The entire process has followed the current standards of energy efficiency of the building and the utmost respect for the location.

Appartamenti residenziali a Praga: dettagli palazzo esterno
Appartamenti residenziali a Praga: facciata palazzo

Main interventions

  • Roof renovation
  • Renovation of the main elevations and facades
  • Consolidation and rebuilding of internal floors
  • New electrical and mechanical technological systems (water, sanitary and air conditioning)
  • Demolition, reconstruction and allocation of interiors
  • Finishing works, floors, coatings and paintings.
  • Soundproofing fixtures.

Internally the building has been divided to create 25 apartments equipped with every comfort and characterized by the utmost attention to detail and selection of materials. In the common areas, the original decorative elements such as frames and mirrors have been salvaged and enhanced by painting in pastel shades. The floors and the staircase have been restored, preserving the original stylistic features, materials and colors. Even the stained glass windows of the stairwell have been made with a view towards conservative restoration. The individual apartments offer a refined charm in line with the original historical importance of the building.

The apartments have all been sold.