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Starhotels Tourist a Milano: Entrance Hall

Restyling of the rooms and conference centre. Renovation of the facades and lighting system with energy efficiency of the building (thermal insulation). The intervention was carried out when the hotel was open.

  • Location: Milan
  • Client: Starhotels
  • Type/Classification/Category: 4 stars
  • Period of completion: 7 months
  • Square meters: 4,500m2 of facade and 1,500m2 for rooms and conference rooms
  • Sector: Hospitality
Starhotels Tourist a Milano: Bar
Starhotels Tourist a Milano: Dettagli stanza Deluxe

Main interventions

  • Restyling of the guest rooms (floors and walls), finishes and paintwork
  • Plastering of the rooms and thermal insulation
  • Renovation of the facade and lighting system
  • Waterproofing of the platform roof and coverings
  • Restyling of the conference centre (carpeting, wallpaper, lighting and paintwork)
Starhotels Tourist a Milano: Dettagli camera
Starhotels Tourist a Milano: Reception
Starhotels Tourist a Milano: Restaurant Dehors

The renovation of the Starhotels Tourist Hotel in Milan involved two types of intervention: the restyling of the rooms and the conference centre and the renovation of the facade aimed at improving the energy efficiency of the building and its eco-sustainability.

It is strategically located in the heart of the financial district of Milan. This area is the centre of the cultural scene of the city, thanks to its proximity to the famous University of Milan Bicocca and the Arcimboldi theatre.

As for the restyling of the interior spaces, the rooms have been renovated and equipped with every comfort. They are characterized, moreover, by a chic metropolitan style and are furnished with refined fabrics, wood and natural stone finishes and with backlit blow-ups decorating the walls.

The conference centre has also been renovated with its meeting and event rooms, in an elegant and contemporary style, in line with the cosmopolitan vocation of the city.

Extremely significant are the renovations of the facade with the implementation of the thermal cover, in line with current standards on energy efficiency and sustainability.

The building has been completely transformed and its “pixelated” facade has made it extremely original.

The chromatic choice ranges from shades of yellow to black and changes the nature of the facade, thanks to a game of light and shadow. The surface of the building appears lively and moving in a balanced composition of solids and voids.

Of particular importance is the remaking of the lighting system which enhances the geometric and chromatic peculiarity of the building facade.

A work that is rooted in tradition and stands out for the care of technological details without sacrificing the need to remain in line with the contemporary Milanese style.

Starhotels Tourist a Milano: exterior view