Florida State University

Complete renovation of the historic Palazzo Bagnesi, located in the vicinity of Palazzo Vecchio for the construction of the university education centre of Florida State University.

  • Location: Florence
  • Client: Private
  • Type/Classification/Category: University
  • Period of completion: 10 months
  • Square meters: 4.000m2
  • Sector: University/Educational

Intervention of restoration and conservative rehabilitation of an entire building in the historic centre of Florence. The palace, located between Via de’ Neri, Via della Mosca and Via de’ Saponai has a very articulated layout and progresses on six levels, from the basement to the fourth floor. The building is characterized by typical elements of classical architecture such as halls, arcades, monumental staircases, vaults and arches, internal courtyards, terraces and roof terraces.

Main interventions

  • Seismic improvement and adaptation works with the modification of the structures
  • Replacement of floors, roof truss and supporting walls
  • Renovation, waterproofing and insulation of the roofing
  • Creation of the skylight of the gallery hall used as a library
  • Replacement of the fixtures (wood, iron and aluminum) and creation of glass walls of fire compartmentalization
  • Renovation of the facades of the building protected by the Authority of Archaeological Heritage (plastering, architectural elements and painting)
  • Restructuring of the roof terrace
  • Reconstructions, building and plasterboard works
  • Finishing works (floors, coatings and stucco etc.)
  • Painting and surface treatment
  • Restoration and protective treatment of existing historical elements (stone, marble and terracotta)
  • Construction of multimedia classrooms, student housing, conference spaces and the library.

The intervention carried out a complete redevelopment and included the remaking of the waterproofing and the insulation of the roofs, the works of structural reinforcement of existing elements such as wooden trusses, floors, masonry and arcades. The works also included a redistribution of spaces for the creation of multidisciplinary teaching rooms for teaching related to cooking, fashion, photography, multimedia rooms, apartments for students and rooms for administration and technicians.

Electrical and special systems, machine design, water and sanitary systems, air conditioning and fire prevention systems have been implemented from the beginning. Floors, coverings and fixtures have been restored and replaced; carpentry works and an elevator system have also been fulfilled. The monumental common areas have been fully restored to create large reception and living areas such as the bar, classrooms for cooking classes, fashion and photography classrooms, multimedia classrooms and finally the library with its magnificent skylight of about 150m2.

The client, Florida State University, wanted to combine, for its Florentine headquarters, its cultural and educational values alongside history, art and the standards of classical beauty in a “new Renaissance” perspective. This union has succeeded perfectly and is perceived, breathed and lived inside the building, the University.

Staredil accepted the challenge of preserving the integrity of the building. It has been equipped with technical, technological and functional elements. These elements have allowed for an efficient, compliant building in accordance with current regulations while remaining contemporary.

In relation to what was necessary for compliance with fire regulations, Staredil has focused itself on the use of appropriate building materials, fixtures and suitable systems. These are all in accordance with flame resistance and consistency.

The work was carried out and completed in 10 months.