Hotel Rosa Grand – Ritz – Business Palace – Metropole – Excelsior, Starhotels

Restoration of the facades of four Starhotel properties located in the heart of three major Italian cities: Metropole (Rome), Excelsior (Bologna), Rosa Grand and Ritz and Business Palace (Milan).

  • Location: Rome, Bologna and Milan
  • Client: Starhotels
  • Type/Classification/Category: Hotel
  • Period of completion: 3-6 months
  • Square meters: 5000 m2 approx.
  • Area of business: Hospitality

The restoration of the facades of four important Starhotels hotels located in the center of the most famous Italian cities included cleaning, painting, and replacement of the plaster, as well as the building’s architectural and decorative features. The restoration was conducted without interrupting the facilities’ regular activity and provision of services.

The renovation and restoration of the facades were carried out as a maintenance intervention promoted by the Italian government via the important tax break introduced by the 2020 budget law aimed at enhancing the distinctiveness and historical character of buildings, to preserve and maintain the architectural decorum of Italian cities.

It is a far-sighted restoration work that has, at once, given new life to the buildings and provided our clients with the opportunity to renew and maintain their real estate assets over time, relying entirely on Staredil for the management of the work.

Staredil, in fact, carried out the whole of the intervention – from the feasibility study to the design, execution, and direction of the restoration work, and including the management of the financial charges implied – proving to be an emerging general contractor in the Italian scenario and one capable of managing all aspects and phases of a project.

Main interventions

Restoration of the facades, painting, and restoration of the building’s distinctive architectural features.

Implementation interventions: during the works and after the works are finished - Hotel Business Palace (Milan)

Accomplishment interventions: during the work and when the work is completed - Hotel Business Palace (Milan)

Accomplishment interventions: during the work and after the work was completed - Hotel Excelsior (Bologna)

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