Incinque: fabbricato


Construction of a new building with ready made concrete panels designed as the headquarters of the multi-purpose medical centre Incinque S.r.l.

  • Location: S.Giovanni Val d’arno
  • Client: Private
  • Period of completion: 24 months
  • Square meters: 350m2
  • Sector: Commercial/Medical

The brand new construction of the building located in S.Giovanni Valdarno was designed for the creation of a multipurpose medical centre and to accommodate various commercial activities with the use of ready made concrete structures. This type of construction technique is very adaptable from the point of view of application: the ready made panels with internal insulation have several advantages to meet the anti-seismic and insulation parameters.

Incinque a S.Giovanni Val d’arno: costruzione fabbricato
Incinque a S.Giovanni Val d’arno: costruzione ex-novo

Main interventions

  • Construction of walls and floors with ready made concrete systems
  • Creation of stairways
  • Creation of elevators
  • Creation of wells
  • Breakdown of plasterboard walls
  • Creation of false ceilings
  • Technical, mechanical, hydraulic and electrical installations.
  • Special installations specific to commercial and health activities.
  • External arrangements, traffic mobility, parking lots, public lighting and drainage system.
  • Finishing interventions
  • Painting and varnish
  • Creation of marble stairways
  • Aluminum and glass fixtures

Furthermore, the functional roofing system is distinguished by the uniqueness of its construction and architectural features and by the waterproofing system. It consists of wing elements in reinforced concrete alternating with continuous zenith polycarbonate skylights.

The ability to carry out works with innovative techniques in the continuous search for excellence and environmental sustainability remains at the centre of Staredil’s expertise, making it an ideal representative in the field of ready made concrete construction.

Incinque a S.Giovanni Val d’arno: dettagli del fabbricato
Incinque a S.Giovanni Val d’arno: Interno del fabbricato
Incinque a S.Giovanni Val d’arno: costruzione ex-novo