Residential units, Private clients

Renovation of a building complex for the construction of residential units

  • Location: Sesto Fiorentino
  • Client: Private
  • Period of completion: in progress
  • Square meters: 1,200m2
  • Sector: Residential

The project involves the complete renovation of buildings located in the centre of Sesto Fiorentino, a few steps from the main commercial services for the construction of 11 apartments for residential use.

Unità residenziali a Sesto Fiorentino
Unità residenziali a Sesto Fiorentino: dettaglio

Main interventions

  • Complete replacement of the roofing (structure, plank flooring, insulation, waterproofing and mantle)
  • Completion of the reinforced concrete top layer in the roofing
  • Reconstruction of the attic (primary and secondary warping in steel and wood)
  • Restructuring of the main elevations
  • Encircling
  • New electrical, mechanical and hydraulic technological systems
  • Demolition and reconstruction of vertical walls for the distribution of internal framework
  • Plasterboard works
  • Finishing works, floors, coatings and paints.
  • Soundproofing wooden frames.
  • External cobbling and lawns, private parking.

The ancient building complex is made up of a series of terraced houses structured on two floors. The residences are intertwined with the adjacent Villa Guicciardini Corsi Salviati built in 1800. Another adjoining building complex of two floors is attributable to early 1900.

The building complex includes a series of open spaces, courtyards and minor volumes located in the outbuildings, built in recent times.

The project includes the demolition of some areas in the backspace and in the inner courtyard. This will allow for the formation of parking spaces and outbuildings for exclusive use by residences.

The intervention of restructuring includes the splitting up and change of destination of the prior receptive unit.

The planned interventions are multiple: reconstruction and consolidation of the entire building, demolition and reconstruction of the current roofing with the creation of reinforced concrete curb, reinforcement of building structures and foundations that give significant benefits in seismic matters to the entire structure.

It also provides for the demolition of existing floors and reconstruction with the drystone technique.

The reconstruction of the stairs in lightweight woodwork gives the environment a modern look in line with contemporary design standards.

On the ground floor, the creation of an aerated under floor crawl space for the salubrity of the houses is forecast.

Regarding the energy compartment, the objective is to achieve a high distinction with the implementation of high spec windows and thanks to the insulation of the entire roof and the remaking of external and internal plaster with suitable materials.

The interior rooms will also be enhanced from the point of view of sound insulation through the creation of packages of walls and counter walls with adequate soundproofing power.

As for the systems design, the intention is to equip the building units with technological systems that meet the customers needs both in terms of versatility and ease of maintenance: heat pumps for air conditioning, high performance water systems, electrical and special systems suitable for digital connection.

For the finishing, flooring and upholstery, materials and technologies of the highest quality are forecast.

Furthermore, the architectural elements are designed in respect of the urban context and will proceed to enrich the final layout and the elevations on the public street and those inside.