Staredil, General Contractor Services

Staredil is a general contractor that knows the importance of reputation in the construction industry. We have established our brand thanks to three key elements: extensive knowledge of the hotel sector, many years of experience on the ground – that means having an exact know-how of the construction industry trends, and the expertise and professionalism of its managers and team.


Work flow


Work flow

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Starhotels Helvetia & Bristol in Florence: Room Interior details

Our Construction and Renovation Projects

Being one of the oldest Italian general contractors, we are the ideal interlocutor in every phase of a construction project. From design to implementation, we assume direct responsibility and manage each job order. Our aim is to monitor and control the budget and time schedule. As well as identifying and managing the necessary administrative and bureaucratic procedures.


Staredil is an Italian general contractor offering integrated services in the construction industry. This company relies on a wide experience and a well-structured working method. A background that makes it an ideal partner to work with. In addition, it offers values worthwhile approaching complex construction and renovation supply chains.

General contracting

Property Management

Real estate

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